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Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

When my little shop, Planet Pinup, is open at a public show or artist’s market, I like to post little signs around my hair tie displays saying “Long Hair Ties: for hair, belt, scarf, or bondage.” This blog will NOT be offering a tutorial on at least one of those options. What you do in your own home is your business, and I don’t want to see pictures.

Bondage: not pictured.

However, if you simply want to wear a lovely, long, handmade, and totally affordable hair tie in your hair, I’m here to help! Hair ties fit all size heads, and can disguise all manner of bad hair days: dirty hair days, windy hair days, curling or flat iron failure days, and most especially, I-really-need-to-dye-my-roots days. You can fashion your hair tie into a headband, a big bow, a tiny bow, long pony tails, and a variety of other shapes if you are creative (“snake” and “eel” are all I have mastered so far). I was going to write out concise instructions on how to create each look, but I thought it would be so much easier if I just explained it out loud. So grab your favorite hair tie, a couple of bobby pins, and a glass of wine, and enjoy!

At Planet Pinup, all hair ties are only $5! They range in length from 35″ up to nearly 50″, and whenever possible they are upcycled from vintage & thrift garments that could no longer be worn. Visit my shop at www.planetpinup.etsy.com for the current listings, or drop me a note if you have a specific color request!

Stay pretty, my friends –



Planet Pinup Joins the Blogosphere!

Welcome friends, to the first blog post from Planet Pinup! My name is Jean, and I’m the

The lovely Miss Bettie Page embodies the confident, fun pinup smile

creator, owner, designer, and entire workforce for a little shop that adores and encourages the feminine spirit of fun. To me, “pinup” is so much more than a sexy vintage picture. It’s about taking pride in our appearance, about feeling good, enjoying life, that little wink and confident smile that says “I know how to have fun, and look cute doing it!”

After decades of trying to cram my 1950’s curvy figure into modern thin-centric fashions, I discovered that companies like Heartbreaker Fashion, Stop Staring, Bettie Page Clothing, and Pin Up Girl Clothing have been making gorgeous 1950’s fashions accessible to modern curvy ladies for years – where have I been all my life? Being too big to fit into actual vintage clothing, I never considered dressing that way as an option. Clothing that accentuates and celebrates my curves instead of attempting to flatten and conceal them? Yes please!! At the tender age of 39, I finally found a personal style that works for me.

We can rebuild her, make her better than she was. Better…stronger…faster.

A few months into my new life as a modern suburban pinup, my lifelong-fashionista friend Live Wire Lizzy gave me a beautiful handmade hair clip made out of a peacock feather, and I had an idea: what if I could make those ill-fitting, stained, ripped – but still groovy – vintage frocks into brand new hair flowers and headbands? Modern, eco-minded fancy ladies like myself might love to have a unique item like that to retro-out their modern wardrobe! So, I sat down with needle & thread and opened up a little Etsy shop called Planet Pinup.

In this blog, I’ll occasionally share some of my new products with you, and sales, and events, and business-y stuff like that. But my main plan is to share all kinds of things for your modern pinup lifestyle! Fashion, hair, and makeup ideas, quotes & photos from my favorite pinups, links to other modern pinup artists, and of course, instructions, pics, and videos to help you make your own vintage-upcycled accessories!

I hope you’ll join me and subscribe, and I always welcome your comments and suggestions! Oh, and since you’re on the internet anyway, might as well visit my shop…enter the code at checkout AWESOMEBLOG for a 10% discount!




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