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Snood Wearing Made Simple!

It has definitely been a while since I made a video for you, so today I made TWO!

Over the past year, I’ve seen all kinds of pretty ladies wearing snoods on all kinds of hair.  From super-long, curly hair to super-short wispy hair, from elementary school girls to grandmothers, and everything in between – it’s amazing how many ladies look adorable in a snood!

To answer one question I get all the time: No, I did not make up the word “snood.”  This hair accessory dates back centuries; women have always needed a convenient yet beautiful way to keep their hair neat and tidy, and Goody Ouchless Elastics were hard to come by back in the 1500’s.

You must tell me where you got that glorious SNOOD!

You must tell me where you got that glorious SNOOD!

The snood enjoyed a huge surge in popularity in the 1940’s, when lots of women went to work in factories and everyone wanted to look like Scarlett O’Hara, who famously wore an incredible snood in Gone With the Wind. Ladies used them for fun, fashion, and function: they came in different colors and styles and they all kept your pretty hair out of the 3-ton metal stamper.

For the hundredth time Betty, lefty loosy and righty tighty!

For the hundredth time Betty! Righty tighty, lefty loosy!

Cut to 2013, and the 1940’s/50’s/60’s style is becoming more and more popular.  Some of my Planet Pinup fans love to create the perfect retro ensemble, with a coordinated snood to complete their look.  Others prefer the modern look, but are tired of ponytails and want to hold their hair back in a more stylish way. And still others just want to keep their hair fashionably hidden while they wait out a bad dye job or a too-busy-to-shower week.

Of course the snood looked better, but the fedora keeps my head warm.

Of course the snood looked better, but the fedora keeps my head warm.

So now that you’re fully convinced that snoods are awesome and you must have one (from Planet Pinup, of course), how in the heck do I get that thing to stay on your head?  While I’ve had a few customers that are Snood Experts and much better at putting them on than I am, most ladies need a little help.  And while I can’t personally come to your house and snood-style your hair, I am here to help!  There are two basic methods of attachment: Super Duper Easy, and Slightly More Complicated But Still Pretty Easy.

Which snood method is right for me?

Which snood method is right for me?

Let’s ease into it with the super simple Shower Cap Method (a.k.a. The Bad Hair Day).  This works best if your bangs are not elaborately styled, or are styled in a way that you feel comfortable messing up before nudging them back into place.  If the front of your hair involves a lot of hairspray, styling gel and bobby pins, please feel free to skip this video and move directly to the next one.

Clearly, if you have worked very hard to style the front of your hair into perfect Victory Rolls or Bettie Bangs, you’re not going to smash any hair accessory over them no matter how adorable or fine-handmade-quality it may be. This next method is really not much more complicated, and if you’ve mastered Victory Rolls, this will be easier (and prettier) than falling off a log. If you’re more like me and your biggest hair achievement thus far is “curling your bangs,” you can still master this. Believe me: until last year my only comb was my fingers, so if I can do this, you can do this.  As proof that I can indeed do this, I humbly present: The Bobby Pin Method.

Questions? Leave a comment, drop me a note, or stop by the Planet Pinup shop and tell me which snood is giving you problems.  Or perhaps, score yourself a unique custom snood to match your favorite outfit – I have lots of yarn in lots of colors, so send me your requests!  And I will always be here if you need extra advice and tips to help achieve the look you want.

Stay pretty, my friends!



Headbands + Wigs = Awesome

Halloween is right around the corner – do you have your costume picked out? Does your costume include…A WIG? Wigs can completely change your whole look, and are a lot of fun to wear year-round. I’m fairly new to it, so my good friend (and dazzling fashionista) Tess tipped me off to a little known secret of the wig world: headbands!

No shoving, there are plenty of headbands for everyone.

For a halfway decent wig, you’ll want to step out of the temporary Halloween store and into an actual wig shop. I’ve had good luck online at Jenny’s Hair Sense, and locally at Lee Beauty Supply (Detroit area, also available online). Expect to spend around $40-50. If you cheap out, you might end up looking like this:

All the headbands in the world won’t fix this $10 Halloween wig.

One of the problems with synthetic wigs is that the color is sometimes a bit too shiny and a bit too monotone, unlike natural hair. Also, if the hair isn’t thickly woven, the skullcap might be visible at some angles. And, even with lots of bobby pins, I always feel like my wig might slip or move around, so I keep my head unnaturally still while I’m wearing one – this may not be a universal issue, just my own paranoia. Adding a headband will:

  • break up the flat color
  • cover any thin areas
  • keep your wig securely in place
  • and, add options for a variety of looks!


Another common issue with wigs, particularly those without bangs, is that they sit too low on the forehead, which looks unnatural even on those with larger foreheads. Lifelong fashion icon (and good friend) Live Wire Lizzy showed me this crazy little trick: add a headband UNDER the hairline! Suddenly you can slide the wig back to a more natural-looking location, plus the obvious line between wig and forehead is GONE – so simple, yet so genius!


So, how do you get your wig to hold still long enough to position a headband over it? Here, I’ll show you:

The bottom line? On Halloween or all year-round, wigs are a fun way to change your look and absolutely anybody can do it. And clearly, a headband will make your wig-wearing adventures even cuter and much more fun! For a superb assortment of really great headbands and hair ties, check out my shop, Planet Pinup – enter the code “AWESOMEBLOG” before checkout to save 10% on your entire purchase!

Stay pretty, my friends.

love, Jean

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

When my little shop, Planet Pinup, is open at a public show or artist’s market, I like to post little signs around my hair tie displays saying “Long Hair Ties: for hair, belt, scarf, or bondage.” This blog will NOT be offering a tutorial on at least one of those options. What you do in your own home is your business, and I don’t want to see pictures.

Bondage: not pictured.

However, if you simply want to wear a lovely, long, handmade, and totally affordable hair tie in your hair, I’m here to help! Hair ties fit all size heads, and can disguise all manner of bad hair days: dirty hair days, windy hair days, curling or flat iron failure days, and most especially, I-really-need-to-dye-my-roots days. You can fashion your hair tie into a headband, a big bow, a tiny bow, long pony tails, and a variety of other shapes if you are creative (“snake” and “eel” are all I have mastered so far). I was going to write out concise instructions on how to create each look, but I thought it would be so much easier if I just explained it out loud. So grab your favorite hair tie, a couple of bobby pins, and a glass of wine, and enjoy!

At Planet Pinup, all hair ties are only $5! They range in length from 35″ up to nearly 50″, and whenever possible they are upcycled from vintage & thrift garments that could no longer be worn. Visit my shop at for the current listings, or drop me a note if you have a specific color request!

Stay pretty, my friends –


Who? What? Where? WEN??

Okay, I’ve been real busy this week, but I don’t want you to forget about me. I also want to introduce you to a really fantastic blog about makeup, skincare and all things beautiful called Here’s to Beauty! And I’m not just saying that because the blogger is super cool, funny, gorgeous, and pays me.

Here’s looking at you, beauty.

But don’t worry – I’m not trying to ditch you like a boring party guest so I can go hang around the keg! I know you miss me. So here’s some good news. I wrote a couple of guest blogs on that very site! If you always wanted to know more about the Wen hair care system that’s always on the late-night infomercials (they are hypnotic, admit it), I’m about to make your day.

Well? Do you?

First, I’ll take you on a journey: one vain blogger’s sojourn from drunken infomercial-watcher to luxurious hair-haver. Our focus group suggested that we call that post “Wen Part One” (just click the underlined words, isn’t the internet magical?).


Then, just like an MTV True Life Story: the bottom dropped out. I had some hormonal issues, and then some surgery, and a few weeks later, my hair started drying up and breaking off. To paraphrase the classical philosopher Wally Cleaver, I looked like Wilson’s Airedale when he had the mange. Want to know more? Click here to read “Wen Part Two.”

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, Whitey.

So there you go, some really valuable opinions from me, so you can start your weekend off right. Happy now? I’m going on break.

Don’t forget to shop early and shop often at Planet Pinup. But only if you want to be the envy of all your friends.

Great Headbands Throughout History

As I was stitching together a new batch of headbands for Planet Pinup, I began to wonder: who invented the headband? When did it come into vogue? Who are some icons that made headbands so popular? Then I decided, rather than do a bunch of tedious research, to google some photos of Mary Tyler Moore. Turns out, Mary Tyler Moore didn’t actually wear a headband. I don’t know why I thought she did.

You mean that’s just hairspray?!?

Clearly that line of thinking was getting me nowhere, so I needed to go back much, much further in time, way back to when the first caveman looked at the first cavewoman and noticed her hair was in her eyes, and helpfully handed her a strip of fur he had ripped off a recently killed saber-toothed tiger. To which she said “Eeewwww, this is all bloody!” and they realized that they needed to come up with more sanitary manufacturing methods if this thing was ever going to take off.

You’ve come a long way, cavey.

In the 1940’s, the men went off to war and the women went to work in the factories. Rosie the Riveter set a good example by using a bandana to keep her hair from falling into a mechanical press and becoming part of a B-52 bomber.

Touch-a my bandana,
I punch-a you face.

It wouldn’t be long before pin-up icon Bettie Page was spotted wearing smaller, more feminine headbands, and she looked shockingly frumpy and unattractive! Just kidding, Bettie couldn’t have looked ugly if she tried.

Naughty or nice? Bettie sure was versatile.
And flexible.

A few years later, or possibly a decade (anybody want to look this up? I’m busy), the gorgeous French model/actress Brigitte Bardot kicked things up a notch by sporting a super-wide headband on her pretty French head. Of course she looked amazing, because she would look amazing with a nest of maggots in her hair, and then every young model would run out and pick up some hair maggots in the hopes that people would mistake her for Brigitte Bardot.

For Bardot, it’s all about the girth.

Then in the fake 1960’s, fashionable cast members of the incredibly awesome show Mad Men wore a lot of super cute headbands, just as fashionable cast members did in the real 1960’s. In keeping with the awesomeness of this awesome show, they looked awesome.

Are you a Peggy or a Betty?

The fake 1960’s (or possibly 1950’s – seriously a research assistant would be great) also brought us Grease, along with it’s far superior sequel: Grease 2. Olivia Newton-John’s Sandy Olson wore a headband and inspired John Travolta to change his whole outfit in order to win her love. Michelle Pfeiffer’s Stephanie Zinoni did NOT wear a headband, and her dark roots looked just terrible.

Has a Headband vs Needs a Headband

As I may have mentioned, I was stunned to learn that Mary Tyler Moore didn’t wear a headband. Not on the Dick Van Dyke Show and not on the Mary Tyler Moore show, leaving me with no option for a 1970’s photo other than this:

Notice me! Notice meeeeeee!

In the 1980’s, Lisa Bonet’s Denise Huxtable broke all the rules: posed nude in a semi-creepy movie, pissed off Bill Cosby, and wore headbands every which way but loose. She went on to inspire young co-star Raven-Symone to also buck the Hollywood system by being famous and talented despite not being a size 0.

If only she had used one of those headbands to cover her lady parts, Bill Cosby might still be her friend.

Fast forward to present day (**hopes you won’t notice that Mad Men is technically present day**), and everywhere you look there’s another talented young fashionista like Reese Witherspoon, Sienna Miller, Zooey Deschanel and Mary-Kate Olsen being photographed wearing headbands of all shapes and sizes. See? Headbands rock.

If only she had more heads, she could wear more headbands.

So as I had started to tell you, I was working on a new batch of really great headbands when I decided it would be way more unproductive to look up a bunch of photos of headbands on the internet. My point is, if you want to be super cool, you can buy yourself some handmade headbands, hair ties, or hair flowers at my store, Planet Pinup, by clicking on the pretty blue letters.

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