Snood Wearing Made Simple!

It has definitely been a while since I made a video for you, so today I made TWO!

Over the past year, I’ve seen all kinds of pretty ladies wearing snoods on all kinds of hair.  From super-long, curly hair to super-short wispy hair, from elementary school girls to grandmothers, and everything in between – it’s amazing how many ladies look adorable in a snood!

To answer one question I get all the time: No, I did not make up the word “snood.”  This hair accessory dates back centuries; women have always needed a convenient yet beautiful way to keep their hair neat and tidy, and Goody Ouchless Elastics were hard to come by back in the 1500’s.

You must tell me where you got that glorious SNOOD!

You must tell me where you got that glorious SNOOD!

The snood enjoyed a huge surge in popularity in the 1940’s, when lots of women went to work in factories and everyone wanted to look like Scarlett O’Hara, who famously wore an incredible snood in Gone With the Wind. Ladies used them for fun, fashion, and function: they came in different colors and styles and they all kept your pretty hair out of the 3-ton metal stamper.

For the hundredth time Betty, lefty loosy and righty tighty!

For the hundredth time Betty! Righty tighty, lefty loosy!

Cut to 2013, and the 1940’s/50’s/60’s style is becoming more and more popular.  Some of my Planet Pinup fans love to create the perfect retro ensemble, with a coordinated snood to complete their look.  Others prefer the modern look, but are tired of ponytails and want to hold their hair back in a more stylish way. And still others just want to keep their hair fashionably hidden while they wait out a bad dye job or a too-busy-to-shower week.

Of course the snood looked better, but the fedora keeps my head warm.

Of course the snood looked better, but the fedora keeps my head warm.

So now that you’re fully convinced that snoods are awesome and you must have one (from Planet Pinup, of course), how in the heck do I get that thing to stay on your head?  While I’ve had a few customers that are Snood Experts and much better at putting them on than I am, most ladies need a little help.  And while I can’t personally come to your house and snood-style your hair, I am here to help!  There are two basic methods of attachment: Super Duper Easy, and Slightly More Complicated But Still Pretty Easy.

Which snood method is right for me?

Which snood method is right for me?

Let’s ease into it with the super simple Shower Cap Method (a.k.a. The Bad Hair Day).  This works best if your bangs are not elaborately styled, or are styled in a way that you feel comfortable messing up before nudging them back into place.  If the front of your hair involves a lot of hairspray, styling gel and bobby pins, please feel free to skip this video and move directly to the next one.

Clearly, if you have worked very hard to style the front of your hair into perfect Victory Rolls or Bettie Bangs, you’re not going to smash any hair accessory over them no matter how adorable or fine-handmade-quality it may be. This next method is really not much more complicated, and if you’ve mastered Victory Rolls, this will be easier (and prettier) than falling off a log. If you’re more like me and your biggest hair achievement thus far is “curling your bangs,” you can still master this. Believe me: until last year my only comb was my fingers, so if I can do this, you can do this.  As proof that I can indeed do this, I humbly present: The Bobby Pin Method.

Questions? Leave a comment, drop me a note, or stop by the Planet Pinup shop and tell me which snood is giving you problems.  Or perhaps, score yourself a unique custom snood to match your favorite outfit – I have lots of yarn in lots of colors, so send me your requests!  And I will always be here if you need extra advice and tips to help achieve the look you want.

Stay pretty, my friends!



3 responses

  1. You are just so flipping cute. I like the hat method, never thought of doing that, so easy!

  2. Seriously, I could watch you all day! So damn adorable! I am so going to try the shower cap method soon!!!!

  3. Thanks so much, lovelies! As always, I’d LOVE to see pics of how your various looks turn out!

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