Headbands + Wigs = Awesome

Halloween is right around the corner – do you have your costume picked out? Does your costume include…A WIG? Wigs can completely change your whole look, and are a lot of fun to wear year-round. I’m fairly new to it, so my good friend (and dazzling fashionista) Tess tipped me off to a little known secret of the wig world: headbands!

No shoving, there are plenty of headbands for everyone.

For a halfway decent wig, you’ll want to step out of the temporary Halloween store and into an actual wig shop. I’ve had good luck online at Jenny’s Hair Sense, and locally at Lee Beauty Supply (Detroit area, also available online). Expect to spend around $40-50. If you cheap out, you might end up looking like this:

All the headbands in the world won’t fix this $10 Halloween wig.

One of the problems with synthetic wigs is that the color is sometimes a bit too shiny and a bit too monotone, unlike natural hair. Also, if the hair isn’t thickly woven, the skullcap might be visible at some angles. And, even with lots of bobby pins, I always feel like my wig might slip or move around, so I keep my head unnaturally still while I’m wearing one – this may not be a universal issue, just my own paranoia. Adding a headband will:

  • break up the flat color
  • cover any thin areas
  • keep your wig securely in place
  • and, add options for a variety of looks!


Another common issue with wigs, particularly those without bangs, is that they sit too low on the forehead, which looks unnatural even on those with larger foreheads. Lifelong fashion icon (and good friend) Live Wire Lizzy showed me this crazy little trick: add a headband UNDER the hairline! Suddenly you can slide the wig back to a more natural-looking location, plus the obvious line between wig and forehead is GONE – so simple, yet so genius!


So, how do you get your wig to hold still long enough to position a headband over it? Here, I’ll show you:

The bottom line? On Halloween or all year-round, wigs are a fun way to change your look and absolutely anybody can do it. And clearly, a headband will make your wig-wearing adventures even cuter and much more fun! For a superb assortment of really great headbands and hair ties, check out my shop, Planet Pinup – enter the code “AWESOMEBLOG” before checkout to save 10% on your entire purchase!

Stay pretty, my friends.

love, Jean


2 responses

  1. That is an awesome blog! I can’t believe the wonderful difference a head band can make to your look in a wig. You look great in both and yet it makes you almost into a different girl, if you know what I mean. Sometimes a headband makes you almost look like a little girl. You’re so gorgeous.

  2. Nicely done as always. ❤ I really should have at least one good wig.

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