I Love My Snood, but Hate My Snood Closure

If you’re not yet hip to the snood, get ready – this classic look is picking up steam, and fast. Women started wearing them in the 1920’s, when shorter hair started becoming more popular and long hair needed to be contained if it didn’t want to look soooo 1917. Then when Gone With the Wind debuted in 1939, everyone saw how gorgeous a snood looked on the beautiful Scarlett O’Hara, and BAM, everybody wanted one!

Pulling the hair up reveals the coveted “wasp waist” and “giraffe neck.”

Then when so many men went off to fight World War II, the women got jobs in the factories, where snoods became a fashionable way to keep one’s luxurious hair from falling into a non-luxurious machine press. Back then, a lot of women made their own snoods out of netting, or crocheted them in their spare time. Nobody had the internet, so spare time was a thing.

Fashion, meet function.

Now here we are in 2012, and snoods are making a huge comeback! Fashion-minded ladies from ages 6 to 60 are keeping their hair tidy and pretty in brand new snoods. Snoods come in all colors and styles, from mass-produced netting to hand-crocheted snoods made from vintage yarn (which coincidentally, you can buy at my store: Planet Pinup). Some snoods close with a bit of light elastic, and some close with a matching drawstring, and some ladies strongly prefer one way or the other. So what do you do if your favorite snood does not close your favorite way? I AM HERE TO HELP! Here are two videos to show you how to get your DIY on and customize your snood for your personal preference.

First up: if your snood contains elastic and you’d prefer a drawstring.

And going back the other way: if your snood contains a drawstring and you’d prefer elastic.

And there you go! Have any questions? Want a snood of your own in a very special color or style? Leave a message in the comments and I will see what I can do!

Stay stylish, my friends –

love, Jean

Planet Pinup


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